Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beauty for Boys: An Oxy-Moron

I've always said that women get all prettied up for each other, not for men. Say this to most females and they will say "No I don't. My man thinks I am beautiful. I don't care what other women think." Yes, he does think you are beautiful. He better! Does he think you're new eyeshadow, lipstick or haircolor is beautiful? I doubt he even notices them. I'm just being honest here, ladies. Who are the first people to notice and compliment your new look? Your girlfriends! And you love it! I know I do. Sadly, women are pretty hard on each other. So when another female compliments you, it means something. There are exceptions to what I am saying, but for the most part, men don't notice your new blush that you spent $40 on.

I am in a relatively new relationship with a man who thinks I am beautiful. We were set up, so we talked on the phone before we ever saw each other. He asked what I looked like, and I thought very carefully about what I would say. A few months ago, I became a redhead. So my first thought was to tell him that I have red hair. I then thought, what if he doesn't like red hair? What if he thinks that it's a different shade of red than it actually is? So I said, "I have red hair but not orange-red hair. It's like dark burgundy-ish red. Well not burgundy but red. You'll just have to see." Cute, KI, real cute. You just went on and on about your hair color. When I met him, I asked if he liked my red hair and he said, "If you like it, I love it." Cute, I know. But honestly, he didn't notice one thing about my hair. Last Saturday night, a little over a month into our relationship, we were sitting on the couch and he randomly said "Your hair is  red." No comment.

One night he came to my house after I had already washed the day's makeup off. I threw on some powder and mascara and prayed that he didn't run away screaming. What did he say? "You look the same to me." Liar. The point is, it doesn't matter to men. The only thing I've figured out is that they don't like drastic change. If it was up to them, we would never change our hair or makeup. It's comfortable for them. Think about it. When was the last time he changed something about the way he looks? It's probably been years, if ever. Don't get upset if he doesn't notice that you changed something. He's most likely sitting there thinking that something is different, but he doesn't know what. The poor guy is waiting for you to start crying because he didn't notice the two highlights you put in your hair.

Now that you are completely bummed out because I said that he doesn't care about all of the effort you have put into your beauty regime, let me tell you some things that I'm sure he'll notice. The way you smell. He may not say it all the time, but I guarantee that he notices your perfume. I dated a guy once that referred to my go-to perfume as "The Kristin Smell". I never knew that he paid attention to it until then. Something else he'll notice? Your soft hands and soft lips. Think about how often you grab his hand or touch his arm. He'll know if your hands are rough. As far as the lips, he is aware of them every time you say hello, goodbye or I love you. Finally, he will always notice the way you smile at him. It's etched in his memory. And that smile really accentuates your new lip gloss!

"The Kristin Smell" is Ralph Lauren Blue

 My soft lips secret is a layering process. First, Burt's Bees Lip Balm.

On top of that is a generous amount of Aquaphor Healing Ointment

 For soft hands, I rely on a classic: Johnson's Baby Lotion

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